Thanks for visiting my website.  My debut album, "A Happy Time" is now complete, and available for download.  Visit the "store" page of my site, and you can name your own price (i.e. get the album for free, or if you would like to throw some money my way, feel free to do so).  It will also be available at several online marketplaces in the coming weeks, including iTunes, Google Play, Rdio, Spotify, and several others.

The Healing Power of Music 

The Healing Power of Music?
  I was recently offered the opportunity to play my acoustic guitar for the MAPS Medical Pain Clinic’s, “Patient Appreciation Day”. (MAPS is a local medical clinic that specializes in relieving pain and improving function in patients with persistent pain who have failed to respond to routine medical care).  The idea was just to have some entertaining music near a spread of pain fighting foods for the patients to enjoy while they waited to see their doctor.  I performed most of the…Read more

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